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  • Syncing Google services with Windows Phone

    You may have seen a recent announcement from Google regarding changes to the Google Sync service used to connect devices to Google services (Google Sync utilizes the Exchange ActiveSync, or EAS, protocol from Microsoft to synchronize email, contacts, and calendar).  We’re happy to share today that Google will extend their support for new Windows Phone…

  • Chez Google, ce sont vraiment des (not provided)

    En octobre 2011, Google nous a sorti une des petites blagues dont ils ont le secret : le coup du (not provided). Pas de recours, pas de regrets. Ils en rigolent encore. Six mois plus tard, où en est on ? Comment réagir ? Quelles sont les perspectives ? C’est quoi ce (not provided), alors…

  • Mobile Mondays: On Mobile, it’s as much about the user as it is the content

    For this Mobile Mondays post we’ve invited Netbiscuits to offer you best practices and tips for creating a good mobile experience for your users.  Netbiscuits is a leading cloud platform for the development and delivery of next generation web apps across all mobile devices and connected platforms. Cultivating a user-focused mobile experience isn’t just about…

  • My maps on your website

    This technical article explains how to easily integrate on your website a map created with Google Maps: My Maps. – Google Maps

  • Google AdSense: Features analysis

    Google AdSense is the service from Google which allows to insert adds on your website and to be paid in proportion with the number of visitors clicking on the adds. This article describes the main features and how to take advantages of it to monetize your site. – Google AdSense

  • Google AdSense : Etude de fonctionnement

    Google AdSense est le service de Google qui permet d’ins – Google AdSense

  • Mes Cartes sur votre site web

    Cet article technique vous exliquera comment int – Google Maps / Maps, MyMaps, My Maps, Mes Cartes, KML, Google, Mountain View, Microsoft, Beta