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7 Sep 2011 6:36 AM
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These days we hear a lot about “Connected” Health. At Microsoft, we are focused on connecting people, processes, and information using solutions that advance collaboration and help clinicians and other health workers make insightful decisions.  We provide solutions for identity and access management, infrastructure optimization, communication and collaboration, and health data modernization.  We also offer the Microsoft Connected Health Platform and Microsoft Connected Health Framework Architecture and Design Blueprint.  Yes that’s a mouthful, but tens of thousands of IT Pros have downloaded information about these important resources and tools for the health enterprise that have been crafted specifically for the industry.

imageThere is also a lot of focus these days on something called the “consumerization” of IT – how the prevalence of consumer devices and applications are shaping the way all of us live and work.  On our newest episode of Microsoft Health Tech Today, I’m taking a little liberty with the “Connected” theme as we examine an extremely popular consumer device.  Our program focuses on the many ways Xbox Kinect may find its way into health and healthcare; for consumers in their homes, patients in hospitals and clinics, and even surgeons in the operating room.  Our special guest is my colleague Jim Karkanias.  Jim serves at the senior director for applied research technology in Microsoft’s Health Solutions Group.  Although he works across many different areas at HSG, he has a special interest in Kinect.  Like me, and so many others in the health industry, Jim sees Kinect as a piece of breakthrough NUI (natural user interface) technology and understands the impact it is already having in the world of gaming and home entertainment.  However, you need only do a quick search on the Internet to come across dozens of articles and videos that expand on the theme and show potential uses in health and medicine.  That is what we explore on our program.

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So please join us for this very special episode of Microsoft Health Tech Today as we take a look at some of the exciting possibilities.  You can watch the show right here on HealthBlog or on our Health Tech Today landing page where you will have access to our entire inventory of on-demand video segments.  Health Tech Today is the on-line video series at the intersection of health and information technology.

If you are interested in health and cool new technologies, this is one program you won’t want to miss.  Enjoy the show!

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