iPhone 5 getting a 4 inch touch-screen to compete with gigantic Android phones

Is it just me or is it really odd that we are seeing some of the most juicy iPhone rumors surface at a time when the world is watching Mobile World Congress? Anyways, let’s cut to the chase. Digitimes, why am I not surprised, is spreading a new rumor which suggests that the iPhone 5 will be getting a screen upgrade, a 4 inch touch-screen to be exact.

Invisible iPhone 5

The Chinese publications have gotten the word from Apple’s production lines. While this does sound a bit authentic, we will be taking it with a grain of salt. There is a wide spread belief that Apple is doing this to compete with the likes of Nexus S, Galaxy S II and other giant sized Android powered phones.

Since we are talking about the hardware specs for the iPhone 4 successor, other rumors have hinted at the iPhone 5 getting a dual core processor, the increasingly popular NFC chips and the seemingly unlikely 3D screen. 4 inch touch-screen or no 4 inch touch-screen, what I want is an Antennagate free iPhone. What about you?

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