HTC Flyer is HTC’s first Tablet, won’t become pre-loaded with Honeycomb

It’s raining HTC mobile products in Barcelona at the one and only Mobile World Congress show. And as expected, HTC has announceds its first ever Android Tablet and Yes it is the previously rumored HTC Flyer, which we previously termed as an enlarged version of HTC Desire.

HTC Flyer

Here is how the hardware profile stands for the first Tablet with HTC Sense:

  • 1.5 Ghz single core processor.
  • Tablet Friendly HTC Sense.
  • 5 MP camera on the back.
  • 1.3 MP camera on the front (Skype pre-installed).
  • 1 GB RAM.
  • Flash storage: 32 GB.
  • Runs on Gingerbread aka Android 2.4
  • Capacitive Stylus.

HTC also announced HTC Watch, a new connected video service that will debut on HTC Flyer tablet, and will collaborate with OnLive, Inc. to launch the first cloud-based mobile gaming service on a tablet. The Tablet will go live in the second quarter of 2011. Will it receive the kind of reception HTC is hoping for or will the Tablet loving fans go for Honeycomb Tablet such as Galaxy Tab 10.1.

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