The Lean-Kanban University Accredited Kanban Training Program


Yesterday Lean-Kanban University (LKU) announced the Lean-Kanban University Accredited Kanban Training Program. Today my employer Avega Group AB has also announced it’s Corporate Charter Membership and Advisory Board membership. I’m proud to represent Avega Group AB and will their first accredited Kanban Trainer.

So what is this Accredited Kanban Training Program all about?

The goal of the program is to provide high quality training of the Kanban Method world wide.

Trainee’s (end users) taking accredited training will receive a LKU membership and will have the ability to download proof of completion for all accredited training they attend.

As of today the program is not a trainee(end user) certification scheme. But as Mattias Skarin, a fellow Advisory Board member states in the press release:

“We on the Advisory Board only value certification if it validates genuine skills”. 

The decision on certification has therefor been deferred until a possible future date when we find an appropriate way to let both Kanban trainees and Kanban practitioners validate their genuine skills in the Kanban Method. 

The LKU Accredited Kanban Training Program will establish the quality of provided Kanban training based on the status of following three parts:

  1. The organization who will provide the training
  2. The individual trainer who will run the training class
  3. The training curriculum that will be used in the class

The member organizations, their trainers and their training curriculums must meet the established criteria in all three areas in order to call their Kanban training “accredited” under the terms of the program.

This program is not closed for new members. Interested organizations are invited to join the Lean-Kanban University Accredited Kanban Training Program.

To become an accredited Kanban trainer you must attend a train the trainer class(or equivalent) provided by LKU or David J. Anderson & Associates, Inc.

Training material can be accredited by the LKU if it meets the established training curriculum. Currently, training materials from the corporate members are being assessed for accreditation against the agreed defined curriculum. Accredited Training material can be licensed from other member organizations on a case by case basis.

I believe this is a great step to further grow the Kanban community and spread the word of the Kanban Method as an evolutionary method to improve knowledge work process. 

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