Galaxy S getting Gingerbread in March

With Nexus One users finally getting their share of Gingerbread, owners of other Android phones which were launched in 2010 may be wondering when will their receive get the Gingerbread treat. If you own a Samsung Galaxy S then hear this one out. Samsung Germany has announced that the world’s most sold Android handset will be receiving Gingerbread love in the month of March.

Galaxy S Gingerbread

This news was shared by Samsung folks during a Blogger event in Frankfurt which makes us wonder if Sammy was talking about the European based Galaxy S units only. Moreover, the US variants of Galaxy S which include the likes of Captivate,  Fascinate and others have just received Android 2.2 on their handset. In the light of this very important fact, expecting Samsung to roll out Gingerbread update in March for the US based handsets seems impossible doesn’t it?

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